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Ostara Elinor 2 binoculars. New for 2021

An update to the award winning Ostara Elinor binoculars is the new Elinor 2 range. Available in 8×42 , 7×50, 10×50 and 12×50. So there is something for everyone, from birdwatching to astronomy and plane / ship spotting.

The 10×50 version got a best in class award in the BBC sky at night magazine. Having tested all 4 models looking at rich field star areas in Perseus , I can confirm they are all great choices for wide field astronomy, with the 50mm models in particular.

Optically I find the update similar to the previous version. But a major improvement with reduced internal baffling / reflection aids better contrast and reduced side light if used for astronomy.

They come with a new look body, in green to make them ideal for birding. The large dioptre adjustment is very easy to use when you have gloves on. Perfect if walking in colder climates.

Don`t think they are all about astronomy. These are great all rounders. I am particularly impressed with the wide AFOV from the 12×50.

Colours and contrast is very good with all models. Chromatic aberration is evident in some situations. A little pin cushion distortion can be seen, bit in most cases (not looking at buildings, bird on lamp posts etc) will not be noticed.

Despite the full sized frames, they all are easy to hand hold and balance well in the hands. Though there is thread for a tripod adapter if required.

One important thing I noticed, was that other than the 7×50, all of the twist eye cups come out to far. So from my testing , I found leave the 12x eye cups fully in, and the 8x and 10x 1-2 clicks out. But by all means experiment to find you own setting.

Case is a soft nylon, with the strap and very nice padded version.

Summing up, these are very user friendly binoculars that are easy to use, and give a very pleasant view with no eye strain. Recommended.

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