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Products to clear (make us an offer on anything below)
Hawke Sapphire ED 10x42 binoculars - SOLD
Hawke Sapphire ED 8x42 binoculars - SOLD
Visionary HD 20x80 binoculars - new - only focus long distance, so makes no difference if using for astronomy
Visionary HD 12x60 binoculars . new - been used as a display model
Helios Rapide 8x32 binoculars - new - Stiff focus , but works - SOLD
Olivon T650 ED spotting scope - new - Scope as new, but outer box shows wear
Visionary V1 8.5x42 binoculars - new - discontinued
Olivon PC 8x42 binoculars - new - marks on box - discontinued - SOLD
Celestron Regal 1.25" M2 LER eyepiece - new - discontinued
Olivon HR 8-24mm 1.25" eyepiece - new - to clear
Skywatcher SWA 2" 22mm eyepiece - new - discontinued
Baader 2" UV/IR rejection filter - new - discontinued 

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