What,s in stock at the Waters` Edge

Optics weekends 

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Why keep looking on-line, when you can pick up binoculars, look through them and try before you buy, while overlooking a nature reserve.
Our optics weekends start again 22nd May.
May 22nd - 23rd . 10am - 3.15pm** 
May 29th - 30th . 10am - 3.15pm**
June 5th - 6th . 10am - 3.15pm**

**Finish times approx, depending on how busy / or not after 3pm. The centre itself is open till 4pm

Location - Waters` edge visitor centre. Maltkiln road, Barton , DN18 5JR
Below is a list of products that may** be on display for you to try
**Stock will be limited and may differ to the list below if stock sells during the week or on the day.
Contact us Mon - Friday with any enquiries

Celestron Travel scope-70
Hawke Endurance ED 25-75x85 spotting scope
Hawke Nature Trek 9-27x56 spotting scope
Hawke Frontier APO 8x42 / 10x42
Hawke EDx 8x32
Hawke HDx 10x42 / 8x32
Hawke Endurance ED 8x32 / 10x25
Hawke Nature Trek 8x42 / 8x32 / 10x32
Hawke Nature Trek 10x42 mono
Hawke Vantage 8x25
Viking AW65 spotting scope
Viking Merlin 10x42 ED
Viking Navigo 8x32
Viking Azura 10x32
Viking Traveller 8x21 / 10x25
Viking Cygnus 8x25 / 10x25 mono
Ostara Elinor 8x42 / 7x50 / 10x50 / 12x50
Olivon PC3 10x34
Olivon T50 spotting scope
Hilkinson Classic Line 8x40
Helios Nitropsort 8x26 / 10x26 / 8x34 / 10x34
Far Sighted 8x21