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Product Description

  • Ostara 1.25" 3x barlow lens with t-adapter / t-ring bundle
  • ***PLEASE NOTE*** No eyepiece is used with the camera (body attached)

  • How to use
  • The kit comes in 3 sections
  • Simply attach all 3 sections together, and connect to your camera body like you would a lens
  • Then place the adapter into the telescope eyepiece holder
  • If using a refractor with no diagonal used, an extension tube may be needed (not included)

  • What camera settings will I use ?
  • Manual focus and exposure

  • What will the magnification be ?
  • As this is prime focus photography (no eyepiece used) the power will depend on the focal length of the telescope
  • For example a 1200mm f5 telescope will become in effect a 3600mm f15 telephoto lens
  • Something smaller (astromaster 130 for example) will become a 1950mm f15.3 telephoto lens

  • Can I use it as a camera adapter without the barlow ?
  • Yes. Simply use the t-adapter and camera adapter without the barlow. Note that this may affect infinity focus on Newtonians

  • Can I use as a barlow lens without the camera adapter
  • Yes. The Ostara 3x barlow is a high quality achromatic doublet, that will triple the power of any 1.25" eyepiece

  • Without doubt (as the images show) this has to be one of the most attractive barlows on the market
  • Perfect addition to any budding astro photographers collection
  • Note that results you get will depend on the quality of telescope used, accurate collimation , seeing conditions and editing/stacking software used



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Ostara 1.25" 3x Achromatic barlow + t-adapter + t-ring bundles

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